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Tourism Growing in Oman

The mild Omani climate coupled with the Muscat Festival and the Tour of Oman has helped to create a surge in visitors to the Sultanate. As the tourists visit some of Oman’s most famous sites and landmarks they are helping increase revenue to the country.

Boats baring visitors from such faraway lands as Germany, Italy and Sweden are docking at the Port Sultan Qaboos and dropping off tourists by the hundreds, and then bringing them all along the coast of Oman and elsewhere.
The tourism sector of the economy has been a major contributor of late to the general rise in Oman’s GDP.

According to the Muscat-based tour agency Nishad,

“The tourist inflow to the country is tremendous this year and what makes the total visitors different this time is the fact that they are from various countries ranging from Italy, Germany, France, Greece, and South Africa unlike last time where majority was from Germany”.

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