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Sustainability Seminar Held in Muscat

The Health Minister of Oman, Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al Saieedi, and many other Ministry employees were on hand for a seminar on Project Management and Sustainability Methodology in Muscat on Wednesday.

Sustainability Through Management

The goal of the seminar was to introduce ways to achieve sustainability through the efficient use of management, with a special emphasis on usage in the Health Ministry. Of special concern were IT projects which have already been approved and given the go-ahead by a different ministry of the Sultanate, where several Omani employees were trained, accredited and registered as experts in this particular method of management.

Middle East Precedent

This training and accreditation is the first such approval of the use of this methodology in the Middle East, and the accreditation is recognized internationally.

Other institutions in Oman, both in the public and private spheres, are working now to get similar accreditation of international standing.

Approved in UK, Too

In addition, the United Kingdom Trade Ministry has also approved this particular methodology to achieve sustainability as a management tool for many different projects in which they themselves engage.

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