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Alternative Energy a Hot Topic Today in Oman

Solar Panels in Oman

In a country like Oman where the sun seems to always be shining, it makes sense to take advantage of this abundant and renewable natural resource. Recently more companies in the Sultanate having been showing interest in expanding their use of solar power.

As long ago as twenty years there were some pioneers who began to install small-scale solar power systems, such as Omantel and the Petroleum Development Oman (PDO.) They were convinced that they could reduce their energy consumption costs while simultaneously helping preserve the fragile environment.

"Wherever we can, we're trying to reduce energy consumption. Whether it's street lighting, facilities, electrical data relays, we introduce a number of solar panels. They continue to be a bigger and bigger part of our business,” commented Raoul Restucci, managing director of PDO.

Energy from wind is another area which companies in Oman are beginning to show an interest in.

Peter Broers is the CEO at the Port of Duqm. He said that in Duqm the use of wind has more potential as a reliable source of power, since the area is extremely windy, although he added that there could also be a solar farm in conjunction with a wind farm.

"I think if we look at a project that will be a world-class facility; renewable energy should be part of the daily approach. If you want to be modern and take care of environmental issues, then renewable energy is one of the steps you have to take,” Broers said.

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