Omantel Gets High Rating from Moody’s

Omantel Gets Good Rating

Omantel Gets Good Rating

Oman’s leading telecom provider, Omantel, is continuing to get high ratings from Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s rating system. Just as in 2013 Omantel received a BBB+/A-2 rating from S&P, and an A3 rating from Moody’s.
Moody’s explained:

“The A3 rating combines Omantel’s fundamental credit quality, strong financial profile, which is reflected by the company’s solid free cash flow generation despite its high capital expenditures for network upgrades. The rating is also driven by our expectation that the company will maintain a conservative leverage profile, with debt/Ebitda not exceeding 1.5 times. In addition, the rating reflects the high barriers of entry to the Omani telecom market given the country’s large territory relative to its population, which acts as a deterrent to potential entrants into the market.”

“We are pleased that both Standard and Poor’s and Moody’s continue their high ratings for Omantel. Their rating speaks volumes and affirms Omantel’s strong financial performance and its leadership position in the domestic market. Omantel’s strategy remains focused on customer experience, growth and market leadership with an aim to enhance shareholder value,” said Talal Said Al Mamari, the chief executive officer of Omantel.

Omantel Introduces 4G Service at Sultan Qaboos University

Amer al Rawas, CEO of Omantel

Omantel’s CEO Dr. Amer al Rawas said that the climax of their 500 million Omani riyal investment (1.3 billion USD) is the latest telecommunication service, 4G LTE.

For now the 4G service will only be available at SQU and certain places in Muscat, Buraimi and Khasab only, at least of the time being. Al Rawas explained that Omantel did studies which showed that there was high demand for 3.5G services in just those places.

Admitting that there are some problems which operators may face with compatible frequencies, al Rawas said “The government has announced allocation of 15 million riyals to resolve the frequency problems.”

“We have set up 50 stations for the 4G services and plan to increase to 200 stations in future,” the CEO said.
The company first tried the 4G network at SQU.

“The traffic at SQU is high for 3.5G as students use it for gaming as well as for their study use,” al Rawas said. He added that the trial was highly successful at SQU and it will most likely lead to the establishment of five “hot-spots” at SQU for the 4G service.

Alternative Energy a Hot Topic Today in Oman

Solar Panels in Oman

In a country like Oman where the sun seems to always be shining, it makes sense to take advantage of this abundant and renewable natural resource. Recently more companies in the Sultanate having been showing interest in expanding their use of solar power.

As long ago as twenty years there were some pioneers who began to install small-scale solar power systems, such as Omantel and the Petroleum Development Oman (PDO.) They were convinced that they could reduce their energy consumption costs while simultaneously helping preserve the fragile environment.

"Wherever we can, we're trying to reduce energy consumption. Whether it's street lighting, facilities, electrical data relays, we introduce a number of solar panels. They continue to be a bigger and bigger part of our business,” commented Raoul Restucci, managing director of PDO.

Energy from wind is another area which companies in Oman are beginning to show an interest in.

Peter Broers is the CEO at the Port of Duqm. He said that in Duqm the use of wind has more potential as a reliable source of power, since the area is extremely windy, although he added that there could also be a solar farm in conjunction with a wind farm.

"I think if we look at a project that will be a world-class facility; renewable energy should be part of the daily approach. If you want to be modern and take care of environmental issues, then renewable energy is one of the steps you have to take,” Broers said.

Telecommunications Giant Omantel Appoints New Leadership

One of Oman’s largest telecommunication service providers, Omantel, has announced two new appointments to their operating staff: Samy Ahmed al Ghassany will become the new Chief Operating Officer and Talal Said al Maamari will become the new Chief Financial Officer.

The Chairman of the Omantel Board of Directors, Sultan Hamdoon al Harthy, commented on the development:

“These new appointments will bring further momentum to the realization of Omantel vision and objectives as we continue to lead the market and expand our business locally and regionally and are in-line with regional and international benchmarks in telecom industry.”

Omantel Chairman Al Harthy

“This is an important step in our progress as we put in place a vivacious senior executive team that can ensure our leadership in the market and carry us into the future. The decision by the Board to name these leaders is a testimony to the depth, flexibility and breadth of Omantel’s senior team. The Company has focused in the past few years meticulously on preparing Omani leaders to take on Omantel’s most challenging assignments. That effort is now paying off and we are confident that with their dedication, passion and innovative spirit these two leaders will be able to help not only maintain the Company’s leading position but also to enhance value to customers and shareholders,” added Al Harthy.

The CEO of Omantel, Dr. Amer al Rawas had this to say about the new appointments:

“Samy al Ghassany and Talal al Maamari have both played a significant role in Omantel’s evolution and its leadership position in the market. These two leaders took part in the Company’s transformation and growth, while holding several senior technical, commercial and corporate responsibilities with outstanding dedication and passion for success.”

The appointments come at a time when the innovative and pioneering Omantel is showing steady growth as they continue to diversify and introduce cutting-edge products into the telecommunications marketplace and other related businesses.

Three New Marketing Products Released by Omantel

Omantel Logo

Three unique and innovative products were revealed during a two day program hosted by one of Oman’s leading digital marketing experts, Infocomm. The interactive workshops were held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Muscat, which gave the hand-picked group of participants a chance to get some first-hand experience with Omantel’s latest breakthrough products.

Give Your Message Impact

iMass MMS is the most recent and updated addition to an already large selection of marketing products and services available from Omantel. With iMass MMS Omantel’s customers can send their marketing messages in audio or picture format making the impact that can make a difference. Omantel is the first provider in the Gulf region offering this state-of-the-art service.

"Today's consumers are increasingly sophisticated; their expectations are high. To make an impression marketers need to give their message impact,"

said Rehan Moosa, Infocomm Digital Media Product Manager and presenter at the workshops.

Location, Location, Location

A second product launched by Omantel at the workshop is a new Location Based Service which forms a part of the iMass Filter SMS service and iMass Volume SMS.

Omantel’s manager of communication solutions and corporate development, Adel Alawadhi said about this product that,

"This extremely focused marketing tool has a level of sophistication beyond anything else that's available. Companies can reach out to existing and potential clients according to their current location. At a time when marketers are constantly sharpening their message and fine-tuning their target market, this product is a great step forward."

Easy Access

The third product introduced is the new portal. This web site gives new and existing users of Omantel’s marketing services a convenient way to learn more about Omantel’s large number of products and services. All customers have to do is log in to make purchases or send requests to the company.

"The business environment today is very demanding and there is a lot of time pressure. The iSmart SMS portal has been developed to make life easier for Omantel customers," commented R Ramesh, Infocomm Operations Manager. "It's about streamlining services and allowing clients to make the most of their time — leaving them free to concentrate on their core tasks. It also recognises the importance of listening to customers with a dedicated section for feedback."

Pilgrims to Mecca Offered Deal From Oman Mobile

Customers of Oman Mobile, the mobile phone subsidiary of Omantel, can now more easily stay connected with their loved ones back home while they participate in the Haj.

Haitham Abdullah al Kharusi

The deal was announced by Haitham Abdullah al Kharusi, the vice president of the consumer business unit of Omantel. Beginning on October 26th, and continuing until November 30th this year, Oman Mobile customers will only have to pay a flat rate of 99 baisa per minute when they use their mobile phones in Saudi Arabia while receiving roaming service with Mobily or STC for all calls made between Oman and Saudi Arabia, both incoming and outgoing included.

Al Kharusi explained his company’s new offer:

“Haj is a special time for all Muslims and we at Oman Mobile recognize the importance of keeping our customers in touch with their families wherever they are.

“The new offer will enable our customers to stay in touch with their families and friends back home at low rates introduced for the first time.

“No matter if the customer is subscribed to Mada postpaid or Hayyak prepaid, calling or answering calls, daytime or at night, Oman Mobile customers will enjoy this never- before-offer of a flat rate of 99Bzs per minute.”

Omantel is one of Oman’s leading telecommunications companies, offering Omani citizens a modern network of communications services allowing them to stay connected within the Sultanate and the rest of the world.

Omantel Begins Charity Campaign for Ramadan

Oman’s largest telecommunications company, Oman Telecommunications Company, Omantel, announced this past Sunday that it will begin a campaign of corporate responsibility to the greater Omani society as a way to kick-off the coming observance of the holy month of Ramadan.

The chief executive officer of Omantel, Dr. Amer Awadh Al Rawas, announced at a press conference on July 24th, that this year’s Ramadan campaign of social responsibility would include three distinct aspects: Sharing, Caring and Giving.

Under the banner of ‘Giving’ Omantel plans on distributing about 1,850 boxes of food to needy families all over Oman. This effort is being organized with the help of the Ministry of Social Development with additional support from Dar Al Atta.

Caring will be shown through the efforts of the Eid dress distribution for those in need. Also aiding the implementation of the program is the Ministry of Social Development in conjunction with Dar Al Atta.

Al Rawas noted that,

“We will be introducing Omani products this time, which will help to create local employment too.”

The campaign is expected to last about three weeks, until midway through Ramadan. This is the third year in a row in which the Ramadan Charity Campaign is being organized and implemented by the Ministry of Social Development and either Omantel or the BankMuscat, as it was in 2009.

Chief Executive of Omantel Welcomes 200 New Employees

As a result of the Oman royalty’s recent call to create 50,000 new jobs throughout the country, Omantel has introduced 200 new employees to its staff.

The workers’ training began on Sunday at the company’s new headquarters in Mawaleh. There, they met with the senior VPs and were assigned different divisions. The new staffers will be involved with ensuring that the company’s customers continue to get the best service; Omantel currently has the largest network in the area.

The company’s human resources department selected the 200 employees from amongst hundreds of applications. Priority was given to applicants who were the most qualified, with experience and education in the field of telecommunications. The Vice President of human Resources Dr. Ghalib Al Hosni said:

“We are very proud to be welcoming these new employees to the Omantel family. This is a highly important development for Omantel and will further strengthen our Omani workforce within in the business.” He continued, explaining that “This is recognized at the very top of the company which is why Chief Executive Dr. Amer Al Rawas was so keen to meet and personally welcome our new employees to the company. We take great pride in the development of our staff that is our greatest asset and ensuring their long-term development and training needs are fully met.”