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Audi Opens Used Luxury Car Business in Oman

Audi Oman

National sales and marketing manager for Audi Oman, Abdel Karim Awwad announced the opening of the German luxury car outlet in Oman last week.

Hoping to reap a share of the pre-owned luxury car market, the car maker launched the Audi Approved Business Unit.

“This facility would enable customers in the Sultanate to purchase fully approved and checked pre-owned Audi cars,” Awwad stated.

Last year proved a favorable one for Audi, selling 1,632 used cars in the Middle East, representing a 39% from the year before. The new business opening in Wattayah, Muscat will meet the growing demand in the Sultanate for excellent used luxury cars.

“The pre-owned car industry is a growing business in Oman as customers are on the look-out for a good deal, but do not want to compromise on quality. We are very proud to have launched our exciting new Approved plus business unit and we are unique in the scope and thorough nature of our 110 multi-point checks that come as standard for every vehicle,” Awwad said.

Audi is looking forward to a good year for Audi sales. Awwad explained, “We have many exciting plans and activities planned for this year. This includes plan for corporate and government accounts in terms of sale, several activities incorporating good offers  during the upcoming Muscat Festival that will connect us more closely with our valued customers.”

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