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What Do America’s Midterm Elections Mean for Oman?

Obama-AhmadinejadOn Nov. 2nd Americans go to vote for their Congressional representatives and by most counts and with the show of force at yesterday’s FreedomWorks rally and conservative talk show host Glenn Beck’s rally from two weeks ago, the Republicans are seemingly going to take back the Congress or come very close. At first glance this seems to be plain negative for Oman and the greater Middle East. The Obama administration, bolstered by a majority in both Houses of Congress has been pushing for greater partnership with the Islamic world and the Arab world in particular. Yet, this is only on the surface and money and defense contracts don’t make up for a do nothing attitude on the rising threat of Iran, which if allowed to get atomic weapons could undo all the economic advancements Oman has seen in recent years.

While I and many others in the Persian Gulf don;t like the Republican and neo-con affinity with the Zionist State of Israel, their sweeping victory in November might just get the Obama administration to do something about Iran, which is now a bigger problem than the “Zionists”.

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