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CEO Pearce of Oman Air Adding Aircraft to Fleet

Oman Air Adding New Planes to Fleet

Chief Executive of Oman Air, Wayne Pearce said that his company was taking a closer look at a follow-on order for Boeing Company’s 787 Dreamliner. Pearce, who has been CEO of Oman Air for 15 months, explained that increasing the airline’s fleet would allow the national carrier of Oman to increase its number of routes to European destinations.

Oman Air is also examining the addition of the Boeing 737 aircraft to increase service to the Middle East and India. This addition is part of the airlines plans to increase its number of planes to 50 from the present number of 42 which are already in operation or are ready to be delivered.

Pearce’s decision to incorporate the Boeing 787s into Oman Air’s fleet is a much needed vote of confidence in the beleaguered 787, which has not had a purchase order since it was grounded due to battery problems on January 16. The acquisition will likely be confirmed within the next several months. The 787s would boost up Oman’s fleet of six 737-800s and its six Dreamliners which are scheduled to arrive at the end of 2014 and from 2015.

"You need a bigger fleet to get the critical mass," Pearce said. "With a bigger magnitude you get better profitability, and we're in an ideal part of the world with plenty of opportunity to keep growing."

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