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Companies Vying to Construct Wastwater Treatment Plant in Oman

As the September deadline for submission for proposals to build Haya Water’s Amerat water treatment plant approaches, at least 33 bidders are vying for the contract.

Construction to Begin by End of 2012

The contract to construct the 18,000 cubic meter capacity waste-water treatment plant is expected to be awarded sometime in the second quarter of 2012. It is most likely that actual construction of the plant will begin about 6 months after the contract is awarded, and building it will take upwards of 30 months before it is finished.

In a statement from Haya Water it is expected that the treatment plant’s capacity should serve the community for the next 15-20 years at the current and projected rate of population growth and development.

Amerat Plant Key to Region’s Development

The chief executive officer of Haya Water, Omar al Wahaibi explained that the further development of the whole sewer system of the wilayat region will depend greatly on the construction of the Amerat wastewater treatment plant.

In the early stages of the running of the plant, private interests will be in charge, with Haya Water only taking over full management at some point in the future.

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