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Turtle-Watching Tourists Crowd Shores of Oman

Greenback's in Oman

Peak Season Now

The peak of turtle-watching season has reached Oman. For the best view of this spectacular sight it is recommended to visit Ras al Hadd on the Indian Ocean between the months of July and October to witness the landing of more than 50,000 sea turtles that will be breeding and laying their eggs.

Protected Harbor

Ras al Hadd is a beautiful protected harbor which is a primary breeding ground for mainly Greenback turtles who lay an estimated 50,000 to 60,000 egg clutches each year which is probably the largest number of any country along the Indian Ocean.

Greenbacks are Rare

Rare Baby Greenback Turtles Heading for the Sea

Greenbacks are among one of the sea’s most endangered species, and it is for this reason that the Sultanate of Oman has closed all 275 of its turtle nesting beaches in an effort to protect the delicate habitat in which the turtles need to breed.

The protected beaches are strewn with turtle pits which reach high above the waterline. Greenback turtles are the sea’s fastest turtles, reaching swimming speeds of up to 32 km/hour (20 miles per hour.)

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