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Sony Gulf Introduces Bravia Internet TV Into MENA Region

The leading consumer electronics brand, Sony Gulf, introduced into the region on Sunday, July 3rd, their latest offering of high-tech development, namely, the Bravia line of TVs.

Projected Sales in Millions

Sony Gulf is projecting sales for the coming year in the Middle East and African region to be upwards of 2.5 million units, explaining that this new genre of Internet TV will grab about 40% of the total sales of television products.

Sony Gulf’s Bravia will be available in 24 TV models, 19 of which are able to support internet connectivity. These models are part of Sony’s international campaign of “Television Redefined,” basing its appeal on the desire of consumers to have a TV which can easily accommodate the constantly changing variety of hi-tech home entertainment.

New Technology

There are three pillars on which rest the foundation of the new Sony TV products: Connectivity to the internet, networking capabilities, and 3-Dimensional viewing. The display is based on a totally new ‘picture-enhancement’ technology called X-Reality. X-Reality creates realistic, high-definition and 3D video, but can also enhance the picture quality of poor resolution internet content.

The managing director of Sony Gulf, Osamu Miura said during the introduction of the new Bravia models that, “As viewers shift their preferences across different forms of entertainment available at home; the ability to provide a platform for watching HDTV or 3DTV, or enjoying apps and browsing the Internet seamlessly on one device is crucial. Our Sony Internet TV is a revolutionary range that meets this hi-tech consumer demand and provides a one-on-one relationship with content. It is truly ‘Television Redefined’.”


Miura added,

“We also launched the next phase of our 3D strategy in earlier this year, where we see 3D becoming more personal. We will add more 3D products including 3D movies, music, games and television programming to further cement our leadership position in this segment. Consumers will be able to capture personal 3D content in the highest quality format and easily play it back on our expanding line of 3D enabled Bravia TVs.”

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