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Forum for Saudi-US Cooperation Opening in Atlanta

The Second Annual U.S. – Saudi Business Opportunities Forum, scheduled to open in Atlanta on Monday, December 5, and last three days, will discuss a variety of cooperative ventures worth an estimated $325 billion. The sectors which will most likely receive the lion’s share of the support are in education, oil, gas, infrastructure, petrochemical industry, transportation, water and electricity and information technologies.

Long-Lasting Partnership

The goals of the forum are many, but high on the agenda will be a desire to forge lasting bonds of cooperation and partnership between leading Saudi and American business executives while exploring the many new opportunities arising in the further development of both countries.

It is expected that there will be at least 1,200 delegates to the forum, including four Saudi Arabian ministers. In addition the head of the King Abdullah City for Nuclear and Renewable Energy will be present and participating in the forum.

“The forum will enable American companies to make use of the huge investment opportunities worth $385 billion offered by the Saudi government’s ambitious development plan in infrastructure, health, education and other projects,”

an official statement commented. The statement added further that there will also be discussions of the prospect of Saudi investments in Georgia, the US state which is hosting the forum.

Potential Cooperation Realized

Minister of Commerce and Industry Abdullah Alireza

One of the Saudi speakers, Commerce and Industry Minister Abdullah Alireza, commented on the renewed motivation to develop strategic US-Saudi partnerships and cooperation. He said that he expects this relationship to continue for many years, saying that “this forum will work to ensure that this great potential is realized.”

“Saudi Arabia is the top market in the region, and potential US exports are forecast to more than double by 2015,” he added.

For more information visit the US-Saudi Business Opportunities Web Site.

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