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Middle East Investors Anxiously Awaiting Facebook IPO

The excitement about the upcoming Facebook Inc IPO, scheduled for May 18 is about to go up several notches as Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of the Facebook empire, embarks on the roadshow this coming Monday.

In the financial world a road show is designed to drum up interest in the company which is going public among investors. Company officials travel from investor to investor, explaining the potential value in backing their company. In the case of Facebook it is hard to see how interest can increase, as it already has reached borderline hysteria.

Investors from the UAE have been watching Facebook’s developments, anxiously waiting the launching, said by many to be the most awaited tech-related IPO since Google’s in 2004.

One investor, Rai Gaga from the UAE, has already informed his fund managers to get ready for the moment.

“I have been waiting since the first announcement was made in December. I have filled out the form. Although I am not sure of getting it due to such high demand. I am planning to invest anywhere between $150,000 to 200,000,"said Gaga.

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