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Predicting the Economic Future of Construction in Egypt

As Egypt is going through the turmoil of reinventing itself, there is no doubt that this, at least for the short term, will adversely affect the economic marketplace there. It seems universally true that political instability leads to economic instability, and for now that is what can be expected in Egypt. However, the real question of importance is what to expect from Egypt, and the entire MENA (Middle East and North African) region in terms of long term economic development.

For the past several months, until the unprecedented events which took place in Egypt which caused the downfall of Hosni Mubarak, prospects for great economic development in Egypt looked good, especially in the construction sector. Many analysts are saying that these trends should continue, with the revolution being just a speed bump on the road to greater economic prosperity.

Since macroeconomic shifts are extraordinarily hard to predict, it is all we can but to wait and see which way the tide turns in the economic fortunes of Egypt and the rest of the MENA.

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