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Omantel Lowering Rates for Mobile Calls

Saleem Ahmed Abdullatif

Omantel Mobile announced on Sunday that they will be drastically reducing their prices for local and international outgoing calls for their Mada and Hayak subscribers.

According to a press release the new rates will begin at 14.5 bz/min for local calls and for international calls the cost will be 42.5 bz/min. Those rates will apply to any four numbers the customer chooses and they add to their Family and Friends package.

More than seventy overseas locations will be included in the new rate package, including GCC countries, the Indian subcontinent, as well as many European, American, Asian and Arab countries.
Saleem Ahmed Abdullatif, the general manager of marketing at Omantel’s consumer business unit stated that:

“In the new Family and Friends offer, we addressed the needs of our subscribers who are looking for the best rates on local and international calls.

"The offer is an additional option besides the recent cuts on international calls, which provide permanent reduced rates to various countries of the world starting from 65bz for calls made from fixed lines and 85bz for calls from mobile phones."

"The new discounts provide great low rates offered by the company to its subscribers for the first time in the sultanate." He said that international calls to most countries start at 42.5bz/min while local calls for Mada-3 and prepaid Hayyak subscribers start at 14.5bz/min and 19.5bz/ per minute respectively.

"Mada postpaid and Hayyak prepaid subscribers shall enjoy the new rates immediately when they make local or international calls after selecting their four favourite numbers. Moreover, discounted rates continue all day and night.

"Hayyak prepaid customers willing to avail this offer can call 1239 and follow the instructions while Mada customers can register their family and friends list by simply sending an SMS to 90098 in the following format (A*9xxxxxxx), as for international calls, country codes need to be added before the desired number," Abdullatif stated.

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