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Oman’s Human Rights Committee Examines Abuse Cases

Oman’s National Committee for Human Rights will be dealing with as many as 200 reported cases of rights abuses in the time period from January to May of 2011.

Committee Directly Deals with Abuse

The abuses complained of include human trafficking and other civil rights violations. The committee is investigating the allegations directly but in coordination with the relevant government bodies.

New Head of Committee

Jihad Al Taye is the secretary-general of the committee. He was appointed at the recently held second session of the panel, replacing Rasheed Al Huraibi, who is the new head of the Tender Board.

The committee also conducts visits to prisons, keeping close watch over the treatment of the inmates to assure their rights are protected as well.

Citizens Can Feel Secure

Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmoud Al Said

The deputy prime minister for the Council of Ministers, His Highness Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmoud Al Said, has proclaimed that citizens of Oman can feel confident in the knowledge that their rights as citizens of Oman are safe and secure.

“The human rights in the Sultanate are secured by the principles of the Basic Law of the State and national laws and regulations, as also by the Sultanate’s joining a number of international conventions and charters,” Sayyid Fahd reiterated.

Human Rights Top Priority in Oman

The Human Rights Committee was created to guarantee that the right of citizens will always be protected by the state, emphasized Sayyid Fahd.

The committee has urged the government departments to correct any inconsistencies or irregularities concerning human rights under their purview.

The committee is also aligned with international human rights organizations with which they exchange opinions and information.

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