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Oman to Streamline Job Searches Electronically

Using the latest methods in information of technology, the government of Oman, through the Ministry of Manpower, announced its plans to establish an electronically based system to help job hunters find employment suited to their particular skills and training.

This decision is only the latest in a series of moves designed to help shrink the gap which exists between what the labor market in Oman requires and what job-seekers have to offer.
The plan to create the e-employment data base was announced this past Sunday by the Minister of Manpower, Shaikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al Bakri. The project is called the National e-Employment System and will be developed in partnership between the Information Technology Authority (ITA) and the main entity in Oman that conducts the census.

Minister Bakri explained that the system will be able to give job-seekers information about job openings which are well suited to that individual’s educational level and skill set. Omanis who are unemployed can register on-line for the service on the web site of the Ministry of Manpower and then be able to look at the database which will list both public and private sector job openings which are compatible with the person’s abilities and knowledge.

An added advantage of the e-Employment system will be its ability to offer advice to those looking for jobs on what kind of training they might need to improve their professional skills.
Training programs will be offered to job-seekers through the ministry utilizing its extensive network of vocational schools and colleges as well as through private training providers with the help of government financial support.

The program is part of Oman’s goal to find work for unemployed Omanis as a response to the demands of protestors in Oman earlier this year. So far, under the leadership of Sultan Qaboos, the government has created 50,000 job openings for unemployed nationals, and hopes to continue on to more successful lowering of Oman’s rate of unemployment.

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