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FRiENDi Re-Brands with Up-to-Date Airport Kiosk in Muscat

The kiosk for FRiENDi Mobile at the Muscat International Airport has a whole new look. As part of the move to update their brand’s look, FRiENDi completely renovated their kiosk, which is located in the arrivals terminal, making it the first point of contact for travelers to Oman.

The new branding gives off a fresh, clean and new appearance, hopefully making FRiENDi most people’s choice for all their mobile service needs. Not only is the outer appearance new, but now the customer kiosk will offer 24 hour, seven days per week, customer service.

"We are confident that the new design and color scheme will attract more footfalls to the kiosk and we hope to add more value to both existing and new customers among visitors by increasing engagement and stimulation to their travel experience in Oman," said Nasser Saif al Mamari, direct sales manager, FRiENDi mobile.

“With the airport kiosk renovation, we have completed three of our main outlets and will expand the new corporate colour scheme to all our premium dealers across Oman," continued al Mamari.

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