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Mitsubishi Oman Creates Family Atmosphere in Showroom During Ramadan

Ramadan is drawing to a close, and as it does, the staff at Mitsubishi Oman is reflecting on the “family” atmosphere which the company created during the holy month.

Away From Real Families

Due to the later evening hours that the staff was required to work during the month of Ramadan, employees spent more hours than usual away from their families. But this was not as large a problem has it could have been, considering that employees working at the Muscat Mitsubishi showroom felt that they were together with their “second” family during the special time of year.

The three employees at the the showroom explained that Ramadan is the busiest time of year for selling cars in Oman, and the work load and customer interfacing are stressful, but because of the positive and upbeat attitude of the co-workers, it was enjoyable to explain the special qualities which Mitsubishi cars and SUVs exhibit.

One of the staff, Waleed Al Hosni explained:

“The great team we have here at Mitsubishi makes me feel that I am with my family whether it is in or out of Ramadan and that compensates a great deal for being away from your family in the evenings during this time of year.

“And even though the showroom is much busier we really enjoy the work and do not feel we are working harder than at other times of year.  As a team I also feel that we work even closer together as we are all sharing the spirit of Ramadan at this special time of year.”

Manager Pleased with Staff, Too

General Manager of Mitsubishi Oman, Mark Tomlinson commented on the strong commitment and great enthusiasm that his staff exhibited during Ramadan:

“Every year I am delighted by the response of our staff to working the evening shift in particular until Midnight and the enthusiasm and commitment of all our staff – especially the many Omanis who are working in the showroom and dealing with our customers during what is the busiest time of the year.

“As Eid approaches I would like to thank all of our staff across Mitsubishi Oman for their tremendous support and hard work in helping to make Ramadan a great success once again.”

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