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Economic Forum for 2012 Begins in Muscat

Sunday marked the opening day of the third annual Oman Economic Forum. Sponsored and organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Economy and Business Group, an expected attendance of 500 participants is expected.

The advisor to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Mehsin Al-Blooshi said that the forum was expecting representatives from the investing, business, oil, energy, commerce and other industries, with such leaders as former British Premier Tony Blair and former Lebanese leader Fouad Al Sanyoura also participating.

Among the many issues that will be discussed and explored during the forum are plans for the development of new projects and infrastructure, and private sector projects. They will also explore ways to increase investment opportunities in the energy, alternative energy and water sectors and developing ports and free trade zones, according to Al-Blooshi.

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