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UAE Among World’s Most Expensive Internet Providers

UAE Provides Expensive Internet Services

A report published on Thursday by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in the Arabic language daily newspaper Emirat Alyoum states that the UAE has one of the most expensive internet and phone services in the world; and that is despite a series of tariff cuts during the past several years.

"Telecommunications services in the UAE are far costlier than those in Europe. There is a big price gap between the UAE and Europe especially in high-speed broadband services, which could reach $1700 a month."

Internet charges also set the record for costliness among the six Gulf Cooperation Council countries. However the UAE does have one of the least expensive mobile phone services not only among the GCC but among other Arab states as well.

A second report published by the Arab Regulators Network (AREGNET) based in Cairo, a group which incorporates 15 of the region’s government telecom regulators, said that fixed-line phone services used for business in the UAE are “very costly.” The study found that residential telephone services where quite a bit less expensive.

Also stated in the report is the fact that the UAE is only one of four Arab countries that even operate high-speed broadband services within its borders.

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