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Inflation on the Rise in Oman

Cost of living in Oman on the rise

Cost of living in Oman on the rise

The Sultanate of Oman reported an increase in their rate of inflation by 1.21 percent through June 2014 as compared with the rate for the same time period in 2013. A decrease in the rate of inflation was seen in June 2014 when compared with the previous month, coming in at 0.07 percent less.

The information was supplied by the National Center for Statistics and Information, reporting on the latest Consumer Price Index.

The price for foods and drinks, which makes up about 24 percent of costs for families and individuals on average, went up by 2.20 percent during the 12-month period ending in June, 2014. Housing, utilities and fuel costs rose by 1.26 percent, while the price for education increased by 6.24 percent.

Health costs rose by 6.01 percent; communication expenses grew by 0.13 percent; home furnishings, household equipment and maintenance climbed by 7.37 percent.
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