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UAE Federal National Council Requests Dress Code Law from Minister of Culture

Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Owais

One member of the Federal National Council of the United Arab Emirates, Hamad Ahmad Al Rahoumi from Dubai would like to see a law in place which would require residents and tourists to adhere to a modest dress code which respects the culture and sensibilities of the people of the UAE.

Al Rahoumi was speaking with the Minister of Culture Abdul Rahman Mohammad Al Owais with the goal of persuading him that such a law is needed to protect the culture of decency and modesty that is practiced in the UAE.

“There has to be respect for the people in the UAE. Residents and tourists should dress modestly and not spread their bad habits for our children to see and imitate,” Al Rahoumi said.

“I am not demanding that visitors and residents wear our clothes, but their dress should be respectful and not revealing,” he added.

Al Rahoumi also said that the law should include other “unacceptable” behaviors like kissing in public places.

The FNC represented said that visitors should be told in advance about the law; that it is offensive to dress in mini-skirts and shorts in the UAE, in shopping malls or outside on the streets.

“Dress code brochures should be given out at the airport and when the passport is stamped with the visa. Also, there should be big posters in malls and everywhere showing the rules and how women should dress decently.”

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