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Water Desalination Plant Contracts Signed

The Oman Power and Water Procurement Company signed a deal with the Muscat City Desalination Company to begin construction on the Al Ghubrah Independent Water Project (IWP) at a ceremony attended by dignitaries and government officials related to the project.

Contract signatories include Chairman Saud bin Nasser al Shukaily of the Oman Power and Water Procurement Company and Chairman Habib Husain of the Muscat City Desalination Company.
The Al Ghubrah IWP will be the second such facility to be constructed in Oman, the first being in Sur in the Sharqiyah area, completed in 2009.

The Al Ghubrah IWP is expected to have the ability to put out about 42 million gallons of potable water each day. This plant will be a welcome addition to the sources of water in the area, which will be taxed by the growing population and development of the region in particular and the Sultanate in general.

Construction is expected to take just under two years and to go into service by October, 2014. The technology used in the desalination process will be reverse osmosis. Underwater intake pipes will be utilized to bring in salty sea water to the facility, whose design has been thoughtfully planned to blend in naturally with the residential neighborhood in which it will reside.

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