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Graduation Ceremony of Newest RAO Soldiers

Last Wednesday the Royal Army of Oman held a graduation ceremony to honor the newest recruits now serving in the Sultan’s Armed Forces.

Held at Training Battalion Grounds

The ceremony was held at the Training Battalion Ground and held under the auspices of the commander of the Royal Air Force of Oman Air Vice Marshal Yahya bin Rasheed bin Rashid Al Juma.

The fresh graduates conducted several military exercises and training displays for the guests in attendance while the musical band of the RAO played along. In an amazing display of synchronization the new recruits placed their rifles into an array which displayed the name of the Royal Army of Oman.

Prizes Awarded

The soldiers were later presented with prizes and awards to those who had distinguished themselves during their training. Soldiers were granted awards in different areas of expertise and success.

The commander of the RAFO addressed the recruits with words of praise for their high level of training and the work accomplished by the SAF Training Battalion.

The ceremony ended with the soldiers chanting the RAO anthem. Then they took the oath to swear loyalty to the army, and then chanted three times,

“Long Live His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.”

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