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Good News for Air Travelers on Air India

Adding convenience and efficiency to the ticketing procedure Air India will be unifying the ticketing of all their domestic and international flights. Beginning on February 12 passengers will receive one code, AI, for all their flights, whether domestic, international or a combination of the two.

The country manager for Air India, Mohit Sain, said, Air India passengers would no longer have separate codes for domestic and international travel. There will not be two codes like before when passengers had to travel with an IC and AI code ticket. The move would speed up Air India’s entry into Star Alliance, the world’s largest integrated air transport network.”

Now passengers from places like Aizwal heading to Toronto via some third destination will have a single ticket for a travel experience which can be described as ‘seamless.’

There is a list of advantages to this new system according to Ms. Mohit.  “Services will be offered by a single service provider. This would ensure a number of additional facilities which would make the passenger’s journey enjoyable, hassle-free and seamless travel. Besides, passengers can take advantage of automated baggage reconciliation system and it will also enable them for kiosk check-in across the network and mobile check-ins.”

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