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Global Office Furniture to Open Flagship Store in Oman

Global Office Furniture Solutions is opening their first store in Oman on January 9th in Wattayah. The business world in Oman, who will benefit from the high-quality furniture and full service available from Global Office can thank Al Jassar, the firm which promoted the opening of the store.

Al Jassar Promotion

V.T. Saileshwaran is the managing director of Al Jassar, which has promoted the services from a large range of industries to Oman, including construction, oil, petrochemical and gas, hospital management and more, explained that the showroom of Global Office will focus on the appearance of elegance combined with comfort and convenience.

High Quality Furniture

George Ambrail is the director of sales for the Middle East division of The Global Group. According to him, “The showroom features not just display eye-catching designs but also office furniture that is medically proven.”

Floor Planning

According to Ambrail, the company can also help businesses organize their space in a way which optimizes production and comfort.

“We also give them different views and once they give us the headcount we plan the floor plate based on that brief and take into account how much privacy level each person needs in his cubicle nor his demarcated area and then we provide the floor plans with different perspective views so that they can visualize it before they buy it.”

Ambrail adds that the Canada-based Globus brand is a high-quality brand hard to surpass.

“Oman is a potential market for premium furniture brands. A huge awareness for quality products in Oman has been building up which was lagging a few years ago. Here Globus would fit in perfectly.”

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