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GlassPoint Places New Vice President Head of Special Projects

A major producer of solar steam generators used in EOR (enhanced oil recovery) announced this week the placing of Glenn Griffith as the new vice-president of Oman Projects.

GlassPoint Solar appointed Griffith to lead their department of project execution in one of the major Gulf State nations, Oman. Griffith comes with over thirty years of experience in the upstream oil industry. He will be handling the GlassPoint solar EOR project with PDO, which will be a joint venture including the oil company giants Shell, Total and Oman.

“Solar EOR is a compelling solution for the global oil industry, and GlassPoint has demonstrated a clear cost advantage over other solutions. No other solar technology has addressed oilfield specific needs. The glasshouse design protects the system from harsh Middle Eastern desert conditions and produces direct steam with unmatched energy density,” stated Griffith.

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