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GCC To Support Yemeni Refugees if Need Arises

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is entering a new stage in its development as it celebrates 30 years since its founding.

GCC Determined to Stay United

The Omani Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah, released a statement to the press  affirming the unity felt among the governments of the GCC countries in spite of the recent developments in the region which has place stress on the various alliances.

Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah

Bin Abdullah added that the reason for this unity is that the citizens of the Gulf region understand and respect the importance of unity and loyalty to their homelands as well as to their leadership.

Yemen Point of Concern for GCC

The Foreign Affairs minister also expressed his sadness at the unfortunate events which have been transpiring in Yemen over the last two days, calling on the sides involved in the conflict to use wisdom when discussing their disagreements and differences.

Bin Abdullah explained that although the GCC has halted their initiative to help Yemen, they are nevertheless ready to lend aid to the people of Yemen, saying,

“We are ready to help our Yemeni brothers once the circumstances and ground situation on which we can work are appropriate.”

No Refugees So Far

He stated that so far Oman has not seen any large scale traversing of the borders of Yemen as a response to the present crisis there, and he does not expect to see a refugee problem, but if one should arise in the future Oman is ready to help out in whatever ways are needed.

In response to other issues of concern to the GCC Bin Abdullah stated that the issue of Jordan and Morocco joining the GCC is one that will be discussed to see if such a step adheres to the goals that were determined at the Consultative Summit.

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