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Double Taxation to End between Oman and the Philippines

The Sultanate of Oman and the Republic of the Philippines are in the process of negotiating an agreement which will end double taxation between them in order to boost bi-lateral trade.

Tax Agreement Coming Soon

Spokesman for the Philippine embassy in Muscat, Omar M. Pangarungan explained that the countries are about to begin their second round of talks to produce  an agreement which both countries can feel good about.

Oman is anxious to begin the second round of negotiations in the hope that an agreement can be hammered out soon. Pangarungan said that although trade between the two countries is at the moment minimal, there exists a huge potential for an abundance of bi-lateral trade.

“Philippines is keen on improving its trade relations with the Sultanate,” the Filipino diplomat reiterated.

Cultural Exchange Agreement Also

Omar M. Pangarungan

In addition to the trade agreement, another mutually beneficial treaty is in the works. The two Muslim nations share much in the way of culture and heritage and they therefore decided that it is in their mutual interest to have a more open flow of cultural benefits between them

“The draft of the agreement has already been finalized and the signing is expected anytime from now,” said Pangarungan.

“Once the signing is done, the channels of exchange of scholars, preservation of heritage, artists, etc., will open,” he said.

Filipino Scholars Wanted in Oman

It is especially of interest to the Sultanate to have Filipino scholars welcomed at Sultan Qaboos University. Many innovative scholars from the Philippines travel to the United States and other western countries, influencing the academic world there. It would benefit Oman to have such intellectuals spend time in the Sultanate.

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