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Chef Middle East Partnering with the Lactalis Group to Make Inroads Into the Food Service Market

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Beginning this month Chef Middle East, a regional food supply company, will be teaming up with the Lactalis Group in the hopes of cooking up something that will grow both companies.

Food service sales manager for the UAE at Lactalis, Olivia Hingray explained why her company is partnering with Chef Middle East:

“Being in the Middle East region for over twenty years, Chef Middle East has acquired a tremendous experience and knowledge of the market, and is recognized by its peers as a well-established and trusted company. Chef Middle East’s expertise and broad client portfolio within the hotel and dining industries will be a strong driver for Lactalis in terms of exposure, resulting in higher sales performances.”

Chef Middle East CEO Steve Pyle said that:

“Lactalis has an extensive dairy range with exceptional and globally recognized brands like Président and Galbani, and as such we believe we will leverage on each other’s strengths in the markets we operate in.”

Pyle added:

“The Lactalis range will strengthen our existing dairy portfolio and will increase the credibility of our dairy proposition with both existing and prospective customers. This new range addition will also position our Pastry & Bakery range as ‘the’ one stop solution for Pastry professionals with the French Président cream and butter range while complementing our strong and developing Italian range with Galbani cheeses.”

Neither the constantly changing tastes and needs of consumers nor the rising cost of food, both serious challenges for companies working in food service, have dampened the companies’ optimism that their new partnership will end in success for both parties.

One regional food service technico-commercial manager, Fadi Selwan, said:

“Our objective is to translate our high end raw materials product functionalities into client’s benefits and cost savings in all culinary operations.”

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