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Mobile Roaming Rates Reduced in GCC Countries

Roaming Tariffs Going Down in GCC Countries

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the Kingdom of Bahrain, in conjunction with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has decided to implement a reduction in charges for all international calls made to GCC countries while roaming in those GCC countries. This decision comes in the wake of the decision by the ministerial committee of the GCC Council to introduce maximum prices.

This step will help bring down the roaming prices for voice calls in GCC countries. Consumers can expect their phone bills to be lowered for calls made back home while they are traveling, and will reduce the cost of international calls while they are roaming. This new implementation of a ceiling on rates will only apply to voice calls which are made within and between GCC countries. At this point in time data services such as mobile broadband or SMS costs are not included in the price reduction.

General Director of the TRA Mr. Mohamed Bubashait commented on this news:

"The implementation of maximum prices will bring further saving to consumers roaming between the GCC member states and will support cross-border business activities. Cost-effective and efficient telecommunications services raise the competitiveness of all economic sectors by way of providing cost reductions and convenience of access to telecommunications services. This contributes towards improving business and individual productivity and enhancing the Kingdom's and the region's attractiveness as a global investment center."

Mr. Bubashait further commented that, "This is a major achievement for TRA, which has led the development and negotiation of the GCC roaming regulation for the benefit of all GCC consumers."

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