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A’Saffa Foods Entering Frozen Vegie Market

Oman’s fastest growing food producer and market leader, A’Saffa Foods is taking its first step into the non-meat food market with its introduction of frozen vegetables under the Khayrat brand label.

Peas Lead the Way

Frozen green peas and mixed vegetables will lead the way for A’Saffa, who is already a favorite among Omanis who are happy to support the local food manufacture who is venturing into the world of more healthy and natural food products.

Highest Quality, Best Nutrition

According to A’Saffa the new products, Khayrat Mixed Vegetables and Green Peas are carefully picked by hand from only the highest quality crops and then immediately frozen to preserve the taste and nutritional value at maximum levels.

Not Just Chicken

Until last year the company was famous as Oman’s premier producer of chicken with the name A’Saffa Poultry, when it expanded into other food products and changed its name to A’Saffa Foods. Their first new food offering was frozen beef burgers under the brand name Khayrat, introduced in 2010. As the company saw the success of this product they decided to add a frozen vegetable line.

The A’Saffa Foods head of marketing and sales Sidhartha Lenda commented at the announcement of the new product line,

“Over the past decade families across Oman have trusted us to bring them an exciting range of natural, healthy and protein packed products to the table and we are very proud to now introduce our very first frozen vegetable products to the market.

“As with all of our food products, we have undertaken extensive research into the demand for frozen vegetables and are very confident that with the A’Saffa stamp of quality behind them the public will welcome these two new Khayrat products into the market. We take great pride in our food and we continue our tradition of serving family-favorite foods that are healthy and wholesome.”

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