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Airfares to India Dropping After Summer Vacation


Jet Airways lowering fares as summer season subsides

Jet Airways lowering fares as summer season subsides

Jet Air has lowered their airfares to the most popular destinations as demand for tickets subsides with the summer. Air India is making their airline more attractive by allowing 40 kg of baggage per person.

“We slashed our fares to different Indian destinations, especially to Mumbai, Trivandrum and Kochi,” said Rias Kutteri, Country Manager of Jet Airways.

High fares have been coming under attack from non-resident Indians who have been forced to spend the money to travel back for summer vacations and Indian festivals. Riyas says airlines flying to India have been under pressure concerning airfares.

“It’s only during festivals and vacations that more people travel. These are the seasons when airlines increase fares to make more revenue. Even though the coming months will witness festival time in India, we are reducing the prices”, he said.

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