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Trendy Restaurant Zarsha Leo Making Impression in Middle East

After years of negotiations around several obstacles for a restaurant/bar to open in Oman, Zarsha Leo, the trendy international sports bar, has gotten the go-ahead to open a branch in Muscat.

“The restaurant will be housed in one of Oman’s more sophisticated hotels since part of our agreement with the Sultanate was that the business be directed mostly as foreign businessmen just passing through,” said Evan Burschkopf, CEO of the company.

Even so, Burschkopf says that alcohol will be strictly forbidden, but many exciting non-alcoholic cocktails will be served. “The main attraction of Zarsha Leo will be the plasma TVs set to watching the most noteworthy sports events in the world,” said the CEO. Along with some cool drinks, food will be exotic bar-style fare, including sliders, Buffalo wings, and the like.

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