Chief Executive of Omantel Welcomes 200 New Employees

As a result of the Oman royalty’s recent call to create 50,000 new jobs throughout the country, Omantel has introduced 200 new employees to its staff.

The workers’ training began on Sunday at the company’s new headquarters in Mawaleh. There, they met with the senior VPs and were assigned different divisions. The new staffers will be involved with ensuring that the company’s customers continue to get the best service; Omantel currently has the largest network in the area.

The company’s human resources department selected the 200 employees from amongst hundreds of applications. Priority was given to applicants who were the most qualified, with experience and education in the field of telecommunications. The Vice President of human Resources Dr. Ghalib Al Hosni said:

“We are very proud to be welcoming these new employees to the Omantel family. This is a highly important development for Omantel and will further strengthen our Omani workforce within in the business.” He continued, explaining that “This is recognized at the very top of the company which is why Chief Executive Dr. Amer Al Rawas was so keen to meet and personally welcome our new employees to the company. We take great pride in the development of our staff that is our greatest asset and ensuring their long-term development and training needs are fully met.”