Omani Company Sends Water Desalination Unit to Hard-Hit Japan

The Sur Medical East Trading Limited Liability Company, an Oman-based business which is the sole representative of the Japanese firm J-Action Commerce Co. Ltd., recently sent two mobile water desalination units for use by Japanese citizens who are living in emergency shelters in the city of Ishinomaki in the Miyagi Prefecture.

Trade Partners for Six Years

The two companies, Sur Medical Trading and J-Action Commerce have been partnering together over the past six years. When Japan was first hit by the devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the subsequent calamitous tsunami, Bader bin Nasser Al Farisi, the managing director of Sur Medical, sent two mobile water desalination units to be sent to the area. (The units were from the Japanese company.)

“People were not having access to clean drinking water. The desalination units ordered by Al Farisi have been working there for them since April 17, with Omani national flags, to show the friendship of Omani people to Japan. People in the affected areas are very grateful to the people of Oman for this,” said the president of J-Action Commerce Co. Ltd., Hidaki Hashimoto to representatives of the media at the Japanese embassy in Muscat on Sunday.

Oman and Japan Trade

Big Support From Oman

Mr. Hashimoto further explained that, “This factory which was making water desalination units was severely hit by the quake. However, the additional orders from Oman came as a big support for them and they have started manufacturing desalination units again.”

Al Farisi added that the recent order of desalination units from Japan would then be exported to India and Africa.

Close Friends, Too

“Besides, three sets of large-scale desalination equipment will be imported into Oman, including one which will be installed in a Royal garden,” Al Farisi said.

The desalination units from J-Action have already been in use in Sur since September said Al Farisi. “They have been providing purified water supply in the rural areas and has been well accepted by the people.”

Hashimoto added that, “So far Bader has been to Japan three times and he is now a very close friend of mine.”