Cigna Health Acquires Zurich Insurance Middle East

The giant health services company Cigna announced that it has successfully acquired the general insurer Zurich Insurance Middle East. For the time being the new division will maintain its current name. Plans to re-brand as a Cigna company are on hold until the takeover is completely finalized.

Now Cigna offers group health solutions and services for multinational and small businesses in the Middle East. The addition of Zurich to their constellation of companies will allow Cigna to provide health services also to individuals, employers, and governments in the UAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Oman.

“Cigna has enjoyed a strong presence in the Middle East for more than 15 years through our local partners. Today, we mark a significant new phase of our journey and commitment to the region,” said Jason Sadler, president of Cigna International Markets.

The former CEO of Cigna in Taiwan, Arthur Cozad, was appointed to be the new CEO of the Middle East market. Earlier in 2017 the company opened a new branch in Dubai, at the International Financial center, designated to be the company’s regional headquarters.
Cigna has a 95 million customer base served by over 40,000 employees.