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Oman Says No to Nuclear Power

Fukushima Nulear Power Plant After Earthquake

Fukushima Nulear Power Plant After Earthquake

The Omani representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) explained to an audience in Oman that the Sultanate has made the decision that it will not pursue the development of nuclear power as a source of electricity. It has not, however, ruled out Omani research into the use of nuclear power for scientific and medical purposes.

Oman’s Ambassador to Austria and permanent member of the IAEA, Dr. Badr bin Mohammed al Hinai said Oman came to this decision as a result of the Japanese nuclear disaster at Fukushima two years ago.

“After the Fukushima accident and following the safety and security concerns of establishing a nuclear program, Oman followed the examples of other countries such as Japan and Germany not to pursue a nuclear program but instead, to benefit from nuclear power applications.

“Let us mention that Oman is also seeking alternative sources of energy in solar, wind and wave energy, due to the propitious climate and geography of the region.”

Dr. Al Hinai was speaking at the third annual three-day Oman Power and Water Summit, jointly sponsored by the IQPC Middle East and Global Exhibitions and Conferences (GEC) together with the Public Authority for Electricity and Water.

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