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Oman Begins Campaign to Save Electricity

Electricity in Rural Oman

Electricity in Rural Oman

For the second time in two years Oman’s Rural Electricity Company will be kicking off a campaign designed to end wasteful use of electricity in rural sections of the country.  Last year’s efforts led to a 9.4% reduction in rural electricity use, according to the Oman Daily Observer.

Promoting Smart Electricity Use in Rural Communities

The campaign to save is being dubbed “Rationalize Electricity…and Save Money for Your Kids.” The goal is to promote a rational approach to using electricity, as well as promoting the safe use of it by people in rural areas of Oman.

Meeting the People

Official representatives of the Rural Electricity Company will meet with residents of these areas, including in Musandam, Dhofar and Al Wusta and discuss with them how electricity is produced, how much it costs to produce including the subsidies which the government provides to offset the high cost of supplying electricity to rural areas, and finally the benefits to electricity users in rural areas as well as the rest of the country of conservative, rational use.

Official Statement

An official from the Rural Electricity Company, Hamad bin Salim al Magdheri said about the campaign that, “The campaign will include the rationalization in the use of electricity and safety from the risks, by focusing on adaption and how to maintain equipment.

“We’re delighted with the success of the first campaign, especially as they came in order to spread awareness of the need for rationalization in the consumption of electricity.”

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