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Ofer Group Business

Ofer Hi-Tech Investments

Established in 1997 as a subsidiary of Ofer Group run by the Ofer Brothers, Ofer Hi-Tech fast established itself as a “strong international presence.”  The goal of Ofer Hi-Tech has always been to provide backing to “private equity investments in the pioneering and rapidly expanding IT and life science industries in Israel.”

Today, Ofer Hi-Tech is dedicated to developing technological entrepreneurship through “pre-seed and seed technological research and development companies in both life sciences and IT sectors.”  In this way, it seeks companies that require this assistance.

Ofer Group and Activiews

One of these companies is Activiews, which was set up in 2007 and operates in Asia Pacific, Canada, EMEA and America.  The aim of the company is to offer clinicians “simple, innovative solutions to enhance their experience in performing minimally invasive image-guided procedures.”   Its product – ActiSight – enables the clinicians to choose their specific target path using CT images and “then provides real-time target guidance.” Basically how this product is extremely helpful to clinicians and patients alike is in its capacity to “improve minimally invasive procedures performed under CT.”  So how does it work?  A regular CT is performed but first, the patient has a small, one-time use pad placed on the specific area. The target is then selected and the 3D software put in place. A small video camera (special, for one-time use) is put on needles and then non-stop data is provided by a software display which facilitates the clinician getting right on target.  Two years after its inauguration, the company was given CE approval and began selling in Europe the following year.


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