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Dr. Jamil el Jaroudi Named CEO of the Islamic Nizwa Bank

CEO of Bank Nizwa Dr. Jamil el Jaroudi

As soon as approval to appoint Dr. Jamil el Jaroudi as CEO of Bank Nizwa was received from the Central Bank of Oman the public announcement of the new appointment was made.

Chairman of the Bank Nizwa’s Founding Committee of Oman’s first Islamic bank Ahmed Saif al Rawahi explained the reason for the delay in announcing the appointment. "Until we had formal approval from the CBO, we couldn't go public with details of our chosen CEO. But now we can and it gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Dr Jamil el Jaroudi as Bank Nizwa's first CEO. Jamil brings many years of commercial experience, but even more importantly, has strong credentials in both Islamic banking and banking start-ups."

Dr. Jaroudi came to Nizwa bank from Elaf Bank in Bahrain, where he was the bank’s CEO. Among his roles during his forty years of business experience was working as senior executive with the Al Mawarid Group in Saudi Arabia and as a consultant with Booz Allen & Hamilton in the UAE.

Dr. Jaroudi was educated in the United States and received an MBA from Columbia University and a PhD in finance from the Kellogg School of Northwestern University.

"I'm very excited to be a part of the team establishing Oman's first Islamic bank, Bank Nizwa. It has been my privilege to build a number of Islamic banks already in my life, and the opportunity to do this again is a great privilege.

"The Founding Committee and other team members and partners have done a great job and I look forward to leading the business into full operational launch and beyond. Our aspiration is to make Bank Nizwa not only Oman's first Islamic bank, but to also be the bank with the greatest service and customer experience, and a bank that is a part of the communities that we serve," Dr. Jaroudi said.

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