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MacDonald’s Entering Middle Eastern Market with Cool Ad Campaign

Leo Burnett Dubai has launched the second in a two phase advertising campaign designed for people to form a relationship with the MacDonald’s brand. The Managing Director of Leo Burnett UAE, Said Kamal Dimachkie, explained the philosophy behind the TVC ads:

"The whole concept behind this campaign is an emotive one, it compels people to develop a relationship with their burger and ultimately the brand. It sounds bizarre but it works! It goes one step further and engages consumers, encouraging them to share their 'Big Mac' moments or deliver their 'Chant' online and subsequently build their own content. This is the real story, people building brands through innovative communications channels."

The ad campaign is an integrative one utilizing outdoor and online banners as well as interactive online content. The first part of the campaign, which was launched on January 17, and ran for three weeks, had people telling their “Big Mac Story.” Viewers were invited to upload their own personal “Big Mac Story” and also to vote on the story they liked the best. The story teller with the most votes won a MacBook Air.

The second phase of the campaign also invites viewers to add their own version of the MacDonald’s “Chant” which has been translated into Arabic. In English the Chant is well-known, containing the following words which are ‘rapped’: “two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.” The various versions of the Chant are then voted on, and the most popular one will win and iPod Touch.

Yousif Abdulghani, McDonald's Middle East & Africa Managing Director, said, "The new partnership with Leo Burnett for our Gulf markets has started in a strong way, featuring the McDonald's iconic Big Mac. Leo's first campaign is strategically driven and consumer focused both principles which we believe in as a business. We believe with Leo Burnett's local knowledge and connection to the wider international network we will be able to take McDonald's brand to the next level in our region."

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