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Solid Growth Expected for Broadband Market in Oman

Ross Cormack, Chief Executive Officer for Nawras, a telecommunications firm in Oman, said that strong growth in the broadband market can be expected as more and more technology-savvy businessmen are demanding state-of-the-art technology in order to successfully compete in the world market-place.

Demand at Work and Home

More businessmen and others in Oman want to have fast and full internet access whether they are at work or at home, according to Cormack.

“Broadband devices are the future for the development of ICT. Wherever you go, you should be able to access high speed Internet easily and efficiently,” he said. “There is a vibrant base of business leaders in Oman and having the technology already available for them can only help to boost entrepreneurship further.”

Omanis Want Connectivity

Mr. Cormack also believes that the demand for more interactive broadband services as well as better nationwide connectivity have already been driving a real shift to a more multi-media focus while the impetus to connect all Omani citizens gains interest.

“Trends are showing a huge shift from linear television towards entertainment and social media on Internet, fixed and mobile and we believe interactive broadband services will encourage this move to grow,” he said.

“Major advancements have been made to the fiber for home technology in Oman,” Cormack added.

Smart Phones Driving Up Broadband Demand

One of the factors driving the demand for better broadband service is the increased demand from smart phone users who want to have complete access to internet services.

“Leisure has changed people’s lifestyle and smart phones reflect that,” Ross Cormack said. “In this context, more broadband access has to be provided, since people naturally want to use these new technologies to their full extent.”

Ross Cormack made these comments during an interview by the Oxford Business Group, as part of the research for “The Report: Oman 2012,” OBG’s upcoming analysis of business trends and investment opportunities in the Gulf State Sultanate.

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